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Triskelion Leather Bifold Wallet

Triskelion Leather Bifold Wallet

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The Triskelion Bifold Wallet

This Noble Mouse wallet is not only a sturdy and reliable companion, but a powerful work of art and a way to show your personality! It features the image of the Triskelion on both sides; an ancient and esoteric symbol of the celtic peoples of Europe and the British Isles.

This wallet features four card holder pockets and one large billfold. It is made from long-lasting vegetable-tanned leather and saddle-stitched using beeswaxed linen thread. The entire production is made by hand.

Everything at Noble Mouse Leatherworks is a unique, handmade item crafted with care and passion. If you love the style of Noble Mouse but want something more specifically custom, please feel free to email! I am happy to collaborate with a customer and create something truly unique for you alone.

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