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The Jötunn Slayer Belt Bag

The Jötunn Slayer Belt Bag

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The Jötunn Slayer Belt Bag
A one-of-a-kind leather belt bag, the Jötunn Slayer is a beautiful piece of functional art that you can take with you wherever you go! The body of the bag is made of a beautiful, supple chrome-tanned bison hide. The lid of the bag is made from sturdy and reliable vegetable-tanned cow leather, treated and preserved with neatsfoot oil to keep it moisturized. The lid clasps shut with a beautiful engraved concho decorated with the Valknut.

The lid of the bag is hand-carved and painted with a fantastic runestone serpent encircling the lid. The runes on the serpents body I have personally translated into Old Norse, and then again into Elder Futhorc runes. From one end to the other the words spell out "May you slay giants with Thor". In the center is the mysterious Valknut symbol. Nothing is known for sure about the origins of this strange icon, though it is often used in association with Odin and warriors.

(Please note that I am not an Old Norse expert or a linguist! I have done my best to create an authentic and intelligent translation with what knowledge I have, I cannot guarantee the grammatical soundness of my translation in any way.)

24cm x 22.5cm

I love this bag and loved making it, and I hope that you will love it too!
-The Noble Mouse

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