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Mayan Carved Bookbag

Mayan Carved Bookbag

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The body of the bag is made from sturdy and reliable vegetable-tanned cow leather, treated and preserved with neatsfoot oil to keep it moisturized. The flexible walls of the bag are made of a premium soft bison leather, combining the toughness of good leather with a wonderfully supple suede finish. the strap is a solid piece of flexible vegetable-tan and will sit comfortably on your shoulder; this bag really is a joy to carry! The edge is finished with a bronze colored leather lace, and the whole bag is dyed an antique yellow-orange. The bag is closed using a latch made from a genuine Obsidian gemstone, the stone of choice for mesoamerican craftsmen.

The front is carved and decorated with a detail from a lintel in Yaxchilan, as well as the reliefs of the throne from Piedras Negras in Guatemala. The lid is carved and decorated with a design from Tikal at Altar 5, showing two men kneeling in conferance beside a skull and a stack of thigh bones.

Height: 18 cm

Width: 3 cm

Length: 27 cm

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