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Lotus and Fawn - Medium Belt Bag

Lotus and Fawn - Medium Belt Bag

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The Lotus and Fawn Belt Bag
A one-of-a-kind leather belt bag, the Lotus and Fawn is a beautiful piece of functional art that you can take with you wherever you go! The body of the bag is made from sturdy and reliable vegetable-tanned cow leather, treated and preserved with neatsfoot oil to keep it moisturized. The gusset is made from a brown dyed deer buckskin and the lid clasps shut with a steel snap.

The lid of the bag is hand-carved and painted with an original artwork made by yours truly! The image is of a baby deer encased in the root system of a lotus flower in blook. This design is partly inspired by ideas in Zen Buddhism that are very dear to me, about the fuzzy border between life and death.

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