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Large Mjolnir Drawstring Rune Pouches

Large Mjolnir Drawstring Rune Pouches

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Do you feel like your DND dice or your magical runes deserve a bag worthy of their awesomeness? Get yourself a Mjolnir Drawstring Pouch!

These hefty drawstring pouches have a spine made from sturdy vegetable tanned leather stamped with specific Elder Futhark runes. The body of the bag is made from two  pieces of brown-dyed nubuck deerskin which may have some slight discolourations or imperfections. These small drawstring bags feature a handle cut in the shape of the famous hammer Mjolnir and clasp shut with a steel stud rivet. They come in a variety of different runic words, choose which one speaks to your inner Viking! 

Bag One - "Champion" , "Victorious"
Bag Two - "Warrior-King" , "Brave/Stout"

Dimensions: 26 cm x 18 cm (has lots of room inside)

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