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Gotland Warrior Belt Bag

Gotland Warrior Belt Bag

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A one-of-a-kind leather belt bag, the Gotland Warrior is a beautiful piece of functional art that you can take with you wherever you go! The body of the bag is made of a sturdy and reliable vegetable-tanned cow leather, treated and preserved with neatsfoot oil to keep it moisturized, while the walls and floor of the bag are a single piece of premium garment leather. The lid closes shut around an articulating metal ring, which can be bent to keep it closed. The bag itself is sewn together using leather lace. There are two large belt loops at the back of the bag to allow you to wear it at your hip.

The lid and body of the bag are both hand-carved, stamped and painted with motifs from artifacts discovered in Gotland, Sweden. These ancient scandanavian designs are hundreds of years old, now brought to life in leather for you to take with you!


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