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Egyptian Pharaoh Leather Purse

Egyptian Pharaoh Leather Purse

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This one of a kind leather purse is a beautiful, elaborate piece of functional art that you can take with you wherever you go! Comfortable and sturdy with extra front pockets, you will love taking this purse on your travels.

The body of the purse is made from sturdy and reliable vegetable-tanned cow leather, treated and preserved with neatsfoot oil to keep it moisturized. The flexible walls of the purse and the front pockets are both made of a colorful turqiouse dyed garment leather. the strap is a solid piece of flexible vegetable-tan and will sit comfortably on your shoulder; this bag really is a joy to carry!

The artwork is hand-carved and painted, the purse hand-sewn and the designs are based off of real Egyptian hieroglyphic artworks. The design is an amalgamation of mine, drawn from many different ancient Egyptian sources, but mainly from the detailed image of Tutankhamun in his chariot as seen on a wooden chest in the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo. Above the motif are written in hieroglyphs the words "Osiris" and "Egypt", and on the body of the bag itself is written "Seth" vertically.

length: 25 cm
height: 19 cm

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